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5 Ways to Increase Lead Quality

So you are sick of tire kicking, time wasting leads. No body has time for that. Here are the top 5 ways garage storage, garage flooring, garage door and contractors are increasing the quality of their leads.

Narrow Your Audience

If your have done a home service business for a while, then you have learned the art of qualifying leads via phone conversation. You mention price ranges, timeline and more prior to booking an estimate. But if you want to talk to more qualified leads in the first place, you'll need to take a pre-conversation approach.

Facebook / Instagram Ads

The narrow audience approach - Social media allows you to target you most ideal customer. I prefer to use the 4 prong approach to reach those most likely to buy from you. this cuts a ton of cost and results in cheaper higher quality leads.

1) Target their age (45+)

2) Target their income (higher income brackets)

3) Target their gender

4) Target the regions that you do most of your work in

I have compiled the best garage professional social media ads. I also recorded a webinar where I walk through a live, successful ads account.

Google Ads

The looky loo remover approach - Then potential customers search a word or phrase on Google, this is called a keyword search. You can see what people search and what words most commonly turn into revenue for your business. You can of course decide to stop showing for bad searches that never turn into revenue. 

I have compiles a list of good and bad searches I have learned form years of industry experience. I wrote about what garage professional keywords you want and which you do not. 

Longer or Smarter Contact Forms

You can apply what you have learned from your phone and in person sales calls. The most qualified leads will answer questions and collaborate with you. So to increase the qualification of the lead, add good questions to your contact forms.

Facebook / Instagram Ads

For Facebook ads I have found asking how soon they are looking to makeover their garage and when is a good time to reach you, qualifies the lead substantially. But there is no reason you couldn't try more questions like what is your budget. 

I have compiled the best garage professional social media ads. I also recorded a webinar where I walk through a live, successful ads account.

Website Contact Form

I have found if you want to increase the qualification of the leads from your website, all you have to do is add a question for their physical address.

I have compiled the a list of the best websites to emulate for your garage professional website to increase the quality of the leads. 

Empower Customers To Take Next Steps

I have known companies that failed when they switched to a call center. They did answer more calls but they couldn't schedule the free quote appointment. You see, people want to have the next step seamless.  

The fastest growing businesses are using technology to streamline the whole customer experience into a wow experience. Wow experiences grease the wheels when it comes to revenue and marketing. Everything becomes easier (Charging more, Hiring employees, feeling calendars...).

Software can provide tools to allow customers to schedule or reschedule even at 8PM when you aren't answering your phone.

I've found tools like House Call Pro essentially offers scheduling, invoicing, tracking employee hours, appointment reminders/confirmations and much more. One garage professional uses it because it has financing options for customers built right into the invoicing. You get paid right away and they only charge the business owner slightly more than a regular credit card processing fee (3%). If you have 7 staffers, it comes out to something like $230/m.

There are other popular home services softwares: Service Titan (expensive), Service M8 (cheapest), Jobber, and Breeze Works.

This scares business owners. And for good reason but not for what they think of. They worry about double bookings, changing systems while busy... What should scare them is how much more high value jobs they will be doing if they implement this system. That will truly strain their crews and their management skills. But lucky for them they could choose to limit their available days or times for estimates. Canceled or under prepared appointments will decrease and availability complaints will decrease.  But don't take my word for it, ask someone who has implemented this system if they would ever go back, the answer is always never would they go back. 

I have compiled the a list of the best websites to emulate for your garage professional website to increase the quality of the leads. 

Answer Customers FAQ Questions

If you want qualified leads calling you, let people filter themselves out. The best way to do that is answer the most common questions. If you also want to charge more, allow people to quickly see why they should choose your over a cheaper competitor.

Here is an example from one of my clients, high up on their website is this bulleted list.

Lower in the site but still in the menu, is a link to the frequently asked questions. It covers pricing, timeline and more.

I have felt many garage professionals leave money on the table by not explaining when peak season is and how customers can reduce the time, cost and frustrations when getting their garage redone.  For example, there should be no reason you couldn't do more winter jobs by explaining the benefits that offers.

I have compiled the a list of the best websites to emulate for your garage professional website to increase the quality of the leads. 

Educate Customers Over Time

A great customer only wants to work with you, has the right budget and understands how you do what you do. In order to get these customers you need to educate all leads that come in.

This is called lead nurturing and is especially good for those leads that are months away from buying from you. You know you need to maintain contact with those far off leads but you don't. 

This is where a fully automated or semi-automated system can feel like printing money.


If you have their email, phone number and address you have 3 simple mediums that your can use to reach them. and there is technology that can reach them on autopilot .

Email Example - You can write several emails and have a system like MailChimp email the customer regularly keeping them engaged and educated. You only have to write the emails once.

Phone Example - There are tools that can leave ringless voicemail messages on customers voicemails for you. You only have to record the message once. For instance if the customer said they would be ready in 3 months, the voicemail could say,

"This is Jason from Garage Amazing Designs and Rimes, I wanted to check back with you to see if you are ready for a free quote...".

Address Example - Postalytics is a cheap way to automatically send a postcard message to a customer. 

Now lets talk about what should you include in your system.

Things That Educate Customers

If your can't think about what to say in your automation, then just answer common questions and show the customers the same things you do in your estimate. Here are ideas that work.

  • Reading testimonials / reviews
  • Looking at portfolios of past work
  • What to look out for (warranty, materials used...)
  • What your business is best at
  • In person quote or explanation of the process and deliverables
  • ...


If you have a team, a software setup or outsource company, you can delegate. By thinking of how you can wow and educate leads, you can then assign tasks that make you more money. 

Address Example - There are countless examples of remodelers mailing packages to their leads prior to their visit. Some call these shock and awe packages. the ideas is to educate, wow and set yourself apart from the others they will be getting a quote from. 

Phone Example - So this example is a little bit of a cheat. You get more qualified leads if you have more online reviews. So you could have your office manager call at the end of each job, take payment, ask how things went and then invite them to leave a review. Then after the call they could text, email and mail an invite to leave a review. 

What should they send, a link to a free listing like this:


I provide free and paid options to help you get online reviews via my software GarageRev.com. Please note I provide these free listings even if people have not asked for them. But if you want to guarantee you get a listing please reach out.

Email Example - Emails do better when they get seen and opened. If you use a good home service software or Free Hubspot CRM with Sales Upgrade, you can automate emails from your personal email address.  These emails come from your personal email, are personalized to the customer and make it through most filters. You can write several conversational emails and have them automated or notify you when a customer takes action so you can reach out directly once they have. 

Intelligent Cherry Picking - Using a CRM you could see a feed of those that have viewed the estimate you sent or clicked a link in your email. Then call those golden leads without wasting time on the other leads. I call this 


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