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Best Facebook Ads For Garage Doors, Storage & Flooring

A wise man learns from others. 

Stealing ideas from your competitors, other markets, and other industries is a smart thing to do indeed.

Using Facebook Ad Library and some serious amounts of research,

I bring you the 25 of the best Facebook / Instagram ads.

Best Garage Storage & Organization Facebook Ads

Garage Storage of Missouri City, FB Page, FB Ads

NEAT Garages NJ, Website, FB Page, FB Ads

Garage Floor Coating - The Great Lakes, FB Page, FB Ads

The Garage Organization Company, FB Page, FB Ads

Garage Storage of Missouri City, FB Page, FB Ads

Best Garage Flooring Facebook Ads

Garage Floor Coating - The Great Lakes, FB Page, FB Ads

Granite Garage Floors Denver, FB Page, FB Ads

Dover & Company Garage Doors, FB Page, FB Ads

Best Garage Door Facebook Ads

Overhead Door Company Of Sioux City, FB Page, FB Ads

Overhead Door Company of Norfolk, FB Page, FB Ads

Overhead Door Company of Norfolk, FB Page, FB Ads

Best Home Service Facebook Ads

Doug’s Repair, FB Page, FB Ads

Concrete Designs FL, FB Page, FB Ads

Gulf Coast Aluminum, FB Page, FB Ads

Schuler Service Inc., FB Page, FB Ads

Better Homes Remodeling, FB Page, FB Ads

Findlay Roof, FB Page, FB Ads

Key Takeaways

I hope between the industry specific ad examples and other service professionals your mind is full of ideas to try.

Here is my advice to make a better Facebook/Instagram ad in 6 simple categories. Facebook ads need not be complicated when you break it down.

  1. Medium
  2. Main Visual Point
  3. Ad Type
  4. Call To Action
  5. Demographics, Psychographics & Other Settings
  6. Next Steps


There is a deep depth of visual mediums Facebook and Instagram will let you work with. Testing will find which is best for your business and market. Start with images and then try videos to use with the options below.

  • Still Image Ads
  • Dynamic Image ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads (Multiple images)
  • Collection Ads
  • Canvas Ads
  • Instant Experience
  • ...

Main Visual Point

Your words and your visuals need to tell a story. Remember people want to know, like and trust you before they try, buy, repeat and refer you. They want to know your prices, your product selection, tips, why should they pick you over a competitor, have others bought from you, and all the common questions they ask you. You should have no shortage of ideas when you understand your customers. Here are some to think about trying as your main visual point in ads.

  • Price of a recent job
  • How financing works
  • Beauty shot (done work)
  • Talking person head
  • Before / after
  • Process
  • Testimonial
  • Hiring
  • ...

Don't forget you can use star, check boxes and other emojis along with words to tell your story. Please have 0 graphics on your images if possible or very, very small.

Ad Type

Facebook can be confusing and ridged when going though the process of creating an ad. That Is why I do not talk in Facebook ad language. But depending on your goals the ad type will effect the options for calls to action and the process the customer takes like going to your website or staying on Facebook itself to fill out a form.

  • Lead Generation Ads (Form is on Facebook itself)
  • Lead Generation Ads (On your website)
  • Offer Ads
  • Event Response Ads
  • Post Engagement Ads
  • Page Likes
  • ...

Call To Action

It is easy to spot someone that is new to Facebook ads. If the ad has no call to action or the default learn more, then the author has no clue what they are doing. Depending on your add type your options for calls to action will change.

Some of the best calls to action are: 

  • Get Quote
  • Book Now
  • Contact us
  • Message
  • Get Offer
  • ...

Demographics, Psychographics & Other Settings

As a certified FIX Marketer professional, I understand the key factors in the settings of your ads. Inside the free FIX Marketer book there are several concepts when choosing an audience for your ads.

  1. Finder ads (Finding new potential business)
  2. Remarketing (ads showing to people that came to your site but left)

Both approaches are valid and often perform better when a combination of 3 settings are selected.

  • Demographic (Lives in your geography, higher income)
  • Psychographics (Likes certain things, has been to your website, is like the people that view your site)
  • Other settings (Daily Bid, Active Tracking Pixel, Call Tracking)

Next Steps

Why are you spending money to get someone to raise their hand in interest only to make it difficult for them to buy from you. I once knew a garage solutions professional that only had 1 slot, 1 available time of night M-F for an in person quote. You know what, he provided a link where the home owners could book that slot with him and he was booked out 2 months. So don't tell me you can't allow people to take the next step easily. These are common next steps I have helped professionals implement with great success.

  • Introductory call
  • Fill out form (instant dial connect for you and them)
  • Schedule Over Phone
  • Schedule Online
  • ...

You might look at Calendly for a free option or paid Service Titan or Service M8 options.

Social Media Ads Dashboard

Breaking into Facebook and Instagram ads can feel overwhelming. But now that you see what others are doing you should feel empowered to get started. 

Social media can be very powerful when paired with a thoughtful FIX Marketer 1-Page Marketing Plan. 

Amazing Dashboard

When you pair the expertise I have in garage solutions marketing with a great dashboard, you can understand at a glance how your marketing effects the bottom line. 

Let me know what questions you still have and what actions you plan on taking next in the comments.


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