April 27


How Garage Contractors Get Online Reviews

Update: I did a webinar with other garage contractor professionals. We recapped about how social ads are doing and talked about review strategies on 2 spectrums:

(Not good for SEO) Feedback is most important (IE: Ask on a scale of 1-10)

(Good for SEO) Getting the Review is most important (Send them right to where to leave a review)

(Compromise) Allow customers to self filter if they are happy and take them right to were to leave a review or fill out a form).

Regardless of your preference, I have the most flexible solution. My solution stands out by allowing solicitations from your personal google account email, texts form a local area code and much more. Read more below about options when working with my tool. 

Garage Rev (flexible review software)

More specifically about the free and paid offerings of GarageRev.com.

A winning review strategy is not difficult. That is why I created GarageRev.com a tool to get more reviews at any price level including for free.

Winning Review Strategy (The Ask)

  • Asks every customer for a review (In person or over technology)
  • Shares something (Card, Text, Email)
  • On that form of communication is a 1 simple link to were to leave reviews
  • If possible catch unhappy customers before they leave a bad review
  • Follows up several times

Winning Review Strategy (After The Review)

  • Get alerts to new reviews
  • Reply to every review
  • Subscribe customers to your company newsletter for future leverage
  • Display reviews on website to convince more to buy
  • Share reviews on social media & boost in ads
  • Get customers to like your FB page for future leverage
  • Train onsite person & office managers to get 50% or more customers leaving reviews

There are X factors that improve your reviews impact on Google rankings and converting more potential customers into sales. They are getting photos or videos in the review, mentions of the service you provided and even getting local guides to leave reviews of your business.

Free Listing

You can get your own fancy GarageRev.com/YourLocation url for free. Just contact us on GarageRev.com.

See and Example here: https://garagerev.com/Atlanta/

If you answer yes to any of these questions, consider paid tool access starting at $30/m.

Would you like helping filtering out unhappy customers prior to them leaving a review?

Do you need help following up with customers automatically to get a higher percentage of reviewers?

Do yo have have multiple address locations that each need their own reviews?

Do you want to show off your reviews on your website for more sales? 

Do you want your happy customers to refer more business to you?

Checkout GarageRev.com

Here is our exclusive All In One review standard and advanced listing:


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