Install Tips For Tote Slide

Lets talk installation. The hardware you get does not match this video but it should. I will work with them on this. Here is my photo blog write up on how to install the tote slide.

Here is the are the finished install photos. I didn't have enough totes to show all 21 on the rack (3 small in the center when you combine the 2 racks side be side.

Here is what it looks like when it arrives (hardware is in a box and rails are inside of I-beams.

If you order these in anything less then a pallets worth, be prepared to bend them straighter and have any bend facing the ceiling. Otherwise the totes will not slide.

I recommend allowing loading and unloading from both sides. I suggest at least 31 Inches away from the wall. Then leave a gap of 17' inches (or 8.5' either side of the garage door center rail). Note I had male ends always facing center. 27-Gallon totes need 17-18' off the top of the raised garage door and 17-Gallon totes need 15-16'.

There is a limited number of included screws, so always screw where the mail and female 3 rail pieces come together in the middle area.

Insert metal like oval and click the I beams together.

There will be a few inches hang over. Side note: use only Lowes 17-Gallon totes (look for cross support). You can use Home Depot or Lowes 27-Gallon Totes.

If you want all you I-beams to end at the same distance, measure and mark your wall facing side with the same distance of where you will tighten your wing screw.

Work from the center out using 2 totes (one on each end to get the fit right when tightening. Note as long at the hardware is not a T-nut, expect to slide the I-beams nuts in from the sides (Stand in the middle on your ladder once in on both sides (pain in the neck).

To fit more totes have 1 of the 3 columns turned sideways for 10 (27-Gallon Totes), or 2 of the 3 columns sideways for 13 (17-Gallon Totes)

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