September 24


Referrals & Referral Partners

Google and Facebook only have 1 main goal, that is to charge your business more money for exposure. If you want to succeed in alternative sources of business you can learn a lot from your best customers. For most home service professionals those come from referrals.

Let me show you how others have a system and accelerate referral growth. 

Active Referral Sources

  • Home builder (Aaron Pibyl)
  • Being present in other companies show rooms (Mark Fontenot)
  • Reciprocal referrals with professional organizer (Mark Fontenot)
  • A little discount for repeat buyers (Todd McCann)
  • Friends with realtors (Rob Harrell)
  • Parade of homes (Be present)
  • Block party walk though the garage
  • Created a referral group of complimentary services painter, maid service, garage door, handyman service... Then each of the services hand out to every client a first time offers booklet.
  • Many businesses have a welcome packet you could get your offer in
  • One time - Review each others businesses

Implied / Indirect Referral Sources

  • Customer review photo - Take a picture holding our jumbo business card in front of your makeover garage
  • Vehicle wrapped trucks -(park outside prominently at the home show even if you don’t exhibit at the home show)
  • Testimonials book
  • Door hangers (mention what home you are working on)
  • Door-to-door knocking (mention what home you are working on)
  • Radius mailings or EDDM
  • Asking for a review EX: free listing
  • FB ads of referral assets

List of Potential Referral Partners

Professional organizer
Real estate agents
Home builders (not highest end)
Your own employees
House cleaning
Financial planner
Mobile dog groomer
Massage spa
Garage door
Carpet cleaning
Damage restoration
Mold remediation
Lock smith
Tree removal
High end home furnishing
Appliance sales / Appliance repair
High end car sales or repairs
Home insurance
Home loan
Local blogger / news
High end restaurants
High end internet or phone provider
Local suppliers
Sales reps of other companies

Thoughts On Acceleration 

If you play the who, what, when, where, why and how game of referrals, the possibilities are endless. Many successful businesses use a compelling offer in multiple ways with multiple partners for referrals. I recommend implementing one, refining/tracking and then adding another way. 

You could even make it like a game for your partners. You could report monthly how many referrals each has sent so they can make it a game. Always regularly motivate your partners with thanks and sometimes rewards or compensation for every referral. 

Extra Bonuses

Contact me directly if you too would like any of these resource:

  • A great resource I can't even mention over the webinar
  • A free listing on to help get more reviews
  • How to generate the secrete Google review link


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