December 5


Tote Slide & A New Garage Ceiling Rack Provider

I have searched a long time for a product like Tote Slide. And the manufacture is committed to a profitable dealer arrangement.

  • Fair market price (compared to competition)
  • Quick turnarounds on orders (stocking close by enough)
  • Low MLQ’s (2)
  • Made in the USA
  • Quick install
  • Customer service
  • Products features/benefits (compared to competition)
  • Willing to take feedback (always innovating and improving based on the installers and customers feedback)
  • No undercutting me (always room for margin. High average order value with 40% or more margins
  • How you make Money

    Lets talk turkey.

    If you sell a tote slide for $399-$450 (which it is) and you get them for around $189-229 landed. 

    That leaves $170-261 margin.

    Now you have a unique product that fits over the garage door almost every time.

    Will they stab you in the back?

    Listen, I know how relationships with suppliers can be strained and franchises and dealerships can be controlling. However I help garage professionals on the franchise side and on the independent side everyday win.

    But from my conversations with those that manufacture Tote Slide, they aren't going to looking for ways to stab you in the back. Here are 8 reasons I'm excited about my friends working with Tote Slide.

    • They are open to the idea of minimums for exclusivity (EX $10k in market per year)
    • They don’t own your websites
    • They don't force franchise fees
    • They let you run your own ads (and they have examples of what works)
    • Not forcing you to only sell their products
    • They are committed to enforcing a lowest price for installed sales (always shooting for $150-200 markups)
    • They are committed to enforcing a lowest price for direct to consumer sales (EX tote slide currently $269)
    • Per order volume discounts

    Install (1 hour tops)

    Lets talk installation. The hardware you get does not match this video but it should. I will work with them on this. Here is my photo blog write up on how to install the tote slide.

    They also have more great product in the works that are made in the USA. This is the beginning of a great thing.

    Also as of this writing I am not a rep or affiliate of Tote Slide. However it is likely I will be. You will want to work with me on the marketing of Tote Slide.

    Free marketing & help

    I love this product so much, I am willing to offer my services for free until we prove you are making money. That means a website and free marketing management services for 2 weeks.

    - A landing page website like

    - Getting Reviews from customers using

    - Google ads setup and management

    - Facebook ads setup and management

    Then after 2 weeks if you aren't satisfied, I'll do 2 more weeks of managing your marketing for free. After which we will switch to $200-800 a month ongoing management depending on what you want to keep doing and start doing. 

    Watch my webinars, talk to my customers or call me at 208-252-6277, to get you up and running fast. I will likely be your best marketer you ever had since I know this industry and I'll be your rep for the product as well. I'll advocate on your behalf with the manufacturer. 


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